Mountain country farm – a spot worth visiting Farms or isolated farms located on landforms that occupy most of the Mediterranean are extremely numerous both on the coast and inland. They are located on the peaks, as well as through countless massifs and alliances that separate the gorges. The traditional methods of exploitation are polyculture (cereals, vine). gardening), as well as raising sheep or goats.

The general characteristics of the structures and the most famous mountain cottage farms are the same, regardless of the shape of the farm. Farms developed differently depending on the situation. In rural areas, many of them were abandoned and disappeared. In all arrays, the decline in agriculture has led many farms to become primary or secondary residences, with the exception of some wine-growing hillside areas where production remains profitable, and most of which Firms continue to operate at headquarters. Since the 1980s, the rehabilitation of farms by occupying farmers or residents acquiring them has significantly improved, while the architectural value of traditional rural construction has been better recognized. Nevertheless, the “seal” of the building, formed by the accumulation of traces of time, remains insufficiently preserved.

Walls. Brickwork made of limestone rubble with lime and sand mortar (or others …) is soft limestone (or semi-solid) limestone, around the low Rhone lane, paired with the entire thickness of the wall or outside, on all walls or on the main facades. Framework Freemasonry structure (exterior walls and finished walls) – beams and wooden beams, sometimes assembled in French, cut, diagonally, on arches or on facades; the floor of the first floor on a wooden floor or in masonry (cradle or comb).

Roof construction with girders and wooden rafters (triangulated or folded form) – Roof with two, three or four slopes with curved edges and grooves (connection of two faces) – Covering of round baked clay tiles laid in two layers (slate in the eastern Pyrenees , Cévennes, inland areas of Nice or northern Corsica). Finishings Floor rubbers with calcareous stone seams – Covered with sand and lime mortar with a rough finish (berth) or with a smooth surface, sometimes covered with lime paint – Facades with stucco in relief (cut stone or mortar) or sometimes painted with modaature. The openings and protrusions on the front doors and windows are distributed without any particular composition, or sometimes overlap along the vertical axes, or are somewhat ordered (vertical and horizontal alignments) on the main facade. At the rear of the facade (often facing north), smaller openings are usually located without any compositional concern – windows and balconies are quite rare.

Fences change even if holes are retained. The search for less maintenance (painting) and better thermal insulation (air tightness) has prompted many owners to replace wooden doors and windows with anodized or varnished aluminum frames, especially PVC, since the 1990s; These joinery is often accompanied by double glazing for better heat and sound insulation.

Although in most cases tinned wood preserves are preserved, windows and doors that are not equipped with them are equipped with shutters; unlike blinds, these blinds do not provide good ventilation when closed and do not filter solar radiation.

Design. • In the case of severe, often excessive and poorly managed rehabilitation, floors are made of reinforced concrete, and the frame is sometimes replaced. Spatial organization • Considering that earlier farm restoration was rarely accompanied by changes in domestic distribution, since in the 1970s it was mainly farmers (often young farmers), where buyers settled there, working on the hardest, redefining sizes and functions different parts. Living room, main room, expanded or installed in a former agricultural building: its layout sometimes requires cutting down a partition or main wall; the kitchen is enlarged, often open directly to the living room. Bedrooms with additional shower rooms are renovated in the attic. In the case of the development of a farmhouse or guest rooms in the application, agricultural dependencies are often used in the conversion.